2015 Smithsonian Fellowship

2015 Smithsonian Fellowship will to have great outcomes for the Queensland Academies.

Dr Kathy Mackey ( Manager of the Queensland Academies Brand Division) has been awarded a very exciting research opportunity.

In Term 2, 2015, Dr Mackey will be working at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC for a 12 week period. Dr Mackey will be working with the Learning and Outreach teams from the Smithsonian to gain and understanding of new strategies to extend STEM ( Science , Technology,  Engineering and Maths) into STEAM by adding the Arts. This research will be utilised by the Queensland Academies Young Scholars/Queensland Academies Partnerships ( QAPS) online middle school to enhance our expanding QA framework for highly capable year 5-9 students, based on contemporary scientific inquiry, research methodologies and design thinking, as a form of innovation inquiry.

The Fellowship will allow Dr Mackey to explore Institutes including Lemelsen Centre (National Museum of American History) to gain new ideas for our online courses . She will be a guest researcher in residence and contribute to our collaborate sessions by drawing lesson resources from the wonderful work that is undertaken by the world’s largest museum network.