IM2C 2018

Seventy-five teams from 42 schools around Australia submitted entries for IM2C 2018. IM2C is designed to extend students, and to push mathematics increasingly from theory into practice. Teams were able to determine a five-day period between 13–29 March in which to work on a centrally set modelling problem, and to prepare and submit the report of their solution to the IM2C administration centre hosted by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

QASMT entered 6 teams into the IM2C challenge for 2018. Congratulations to the following students who participated in the challenge, gaining valuable insights from the experience:

Amogh Durgam, Ramit Grover, Mukund Manian, Junji Shen

Ken Xie, Codie Chung, Amy Kim, Rishabh Bhat

William Barnett, Hannah Hauenschild, Cameron Woodley, Yujin Seki

Brian Choi, Angela Park, Jaewon Lee

Sarah Park, Angelina Xu, Nina Wang

Hannah Kweon, Alex Yu, Terry Luan