2019 KSA ISF in Korea

More exciting news from our students and teachers at the 2019 Korean Science Academy International Science Fair in Korea.

Today was oral presentation day. The students had 10 minutes to present their research and then could be questioned for 5 minutes. Hazel spoke very well and received many positive comments on her presentation. Jack and Nazeef were happy with their presentation. They were able to address all questions posed. Mr Leong was able to watch most of their presentations for support and Dr Hogg was allocated as a commentator (judge) to one of the research panels.

With formal research components now completed, the students are enjoying meeting, working with and mixing with the other student attendees. There are participants from 32 schools at the science fare from 17 different countries. This afternoon Nazeef worked with a student from Japan and a student from Russia to program a nanosatellite (CubeSat) so it would track the Sun for data acquisition. Hazel and Jack partnered with students from Malaysia and Thailand to culture an E.coli containing a green fluorescence protein. These workshop sessions ran for 5 hours so the students had a substantive hands-on experimental experience.

The students gave an entertaining cultural performance and joined in with many dances from other schools.