2019 Vietnam Service Trip

Vietnam Service Trip

From April 6 – 15, three staff and 17 students staff will give up one week of their school holidays to travel to Vietnam and work with the schools affiliated Blue Dragon Charity.  This charity was set up in 2003 to help children and families in crisis on the streets of Vietnam.  The students have adopted the Blue Dragon Charity as their own as it offers real practical solutions to assist with caring and rescuing children from the dangers of trafficking, homelessness, sexual exploitation, drug abuse and illness.  Our students are blessed to have a solid education system in which to thrive in and those going on the trip feel impressed to contribute positively to the lives of less fortunate children.  The entire Academy will raise over $5,000 to donate to Blue Dragon in an effort to support their great work.

A walkathon has been planned to raise funds for this worthy cause. The walkathon will take place on Thursday March 21st during the annual Cross country event, so please encourage your student to participate. The group going to Vietnam will be involved in planning out a number of fun and educational activities including resources to operate with and give to the children and caregivers in Vietnam.  The students are excited about being able to add value to the lives of others and will no doubt have a fun and highly rewarding experience on this trip.