24th National Schools Constitutional Convention.

Last Week, Meghaj Babu participated in the 24th National Schools Constitutional Convention. Meghaj was among 120 students from around Australia who travelled to Canberra to participate in the Convention.

At the Convention, Emeritus Professor John Warhurst AO led a two-day program in which students explored ‘A new constitutional preamble for Australia?’ After hearing from a panel of experts and considering the main issues in working groups, Meghaj and other delegates voted in a mock referendum.

The majority of people and majority of states/territories agreed on a constitutional preamble for Australia. Students proposed and agreed on the following preamble:

“We the Australian people, united as an indissoluble Commonwealth, commit ourselves to the principles of equality, democracy and freedom for all and pledge to uphold the following values that define our nation.

We stand alongside the traditional custodians of the land and recognise the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures in shaping the Australian identity, their sovereignty was never ceded.

We pledge to champion individual freedom and honour those who have served and continue to serve our nation.

As Australians, we stand for the pursuit of a democratic state that upholds the fundamental principles of human values as set out by this Constitution.”

This outcome was included in the Communiqué which will be presented to the Senate for inclusion in Hansard.

Congratulations, Meghaj!