Arts Showcase

QASMT held its 2017 Arts Showcase on the 12th of May, celebrating the achievements and talents in visual and performing art. This major annual event showcased the bright talents of the students at QASMT who performed in front of nearly 250 guests, including their peers, alumni students, parents, teachers and community members. We auditioned many performances this year, and ended with a total of 36 items for the main show – the largest number of performances yet!

Continuing the tradition of an overarching theme for the Arts Showcase, the theme for 2017’s event was Supernova. Performers implemented the Supernova theme through various aspects of their act such as their music, costumes or even choreography. The drama group did an amazing job with creating a narrative based around saving a star from its Supernova fate, which tied-in all the acts to the theme along with a jarring plot-twist! This theme was complimented with the stellar decorations thanks to the Art and Stage Crews.

This year, the committee implemented a musical pre-show held in the lower courtyard to entertain guests as they arrived. This addition created an amicable and relaxing atmosphere to allow the guests to recuperate from their busy workday and settle-in for the show.

A great variety of talent was evident this year, from the flashy dance groups to mellowing piano pieces and even slam poetry to top it off! The QASMT Instrumental Programme also participated with the Stage Band, Concert Band, Chamber Strings and the A Capella performing several acts.

There were numerous pieces of artwork created by the QASMT students. These artworks were displayed at the back of the auditorium so the guests could easily switch between watching the performances and admiring the beautiful paintings and photographs throughout the show. Each INSTEP submitted a piece of artwork for the Arts Showcase and INSTEP 11 (led by Mr. May) came out on top with an intricate sculpture which was displayed during the main event .

We noticed many students, parents and members of our community turning up to view the talent of the students here at QASMT and we are certain that they enjoyed every second of the show. The combined efforts and the countless hours put in by the performers, the stage and tech crew, the sales and promotion crew and the teachers involved resulted in an amazing event, which ran without a hitch and showcased the brilliant talents of the students at QASMT in the 2017 Arts Showcase.

Shashwat Mishra (Da Vinci Creativity Captain)

Clover Hersant (Curie Creativity Captain)

Arjun Menon (Newton Creativity Captain)

Andella Amin (Agnesi Creativity Captain)