Arts Showcase Review

The Arts Showcase 2014 was one of the highlights of the year for everyone at the Academy. Not only was it a chance to de-stress but it was an opportunity for everyone who has been involved in the instrumental music program to showcase what we have been working on all year, truly embracing the celebration of the students’ creativity. The amount of talent and creativity we saw was amazing – everything from creative group dance and instrumental performances to inspiring artwork was showcased on the night.  Beautiful lanterns and informal coffee tables around the hall certainly promoted an informal, yet festive atmosphere, but it was everyone’s enthusiasm and passion that made the night truly memorable.

Overall, the Arts Showcase was a huge success, and we would like to extend our thanks to all the groups that performed, and artists who submitted their creative works. The amount of work that individuals, but also groups, such as our school ensembles put in is definitely to be congratulated.

We would particularly like to thank Ms Courtney Allan and Ms Jen Ramamurthy, both of whom put so much work into the organisation and set up of the evening. It was because of their passion for the showcasing of the arts that we had the opportunity to display our talents, and giving us the chance to share our ongoing progress with our peers, teachers, parents and local community. It was a fantastic evening, and a massive thanks to everyone who was involved.

Written by  Martyna Judd, Bronwyn Duncan, Michaela van Raders and Peter Gibson, Creativity Captains