Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships Results

During the September holidays, we further celebrated the commitment of our students who seek to challenge themselves through oratory. Serena Chern (Year 11) and Tanae Rao (Year 10), attended the Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships.  The competition consisted of about 80 students from schools across the country. Each learner was expected to perform a prepared speech (either persuasive or after dinner), an interpretive reading from a novel of their choice, an impromptu speech, and a debate. There were two rounds conducted on the first two days, with the third day reserved for the finals for each division.  Both Serena and Tanae performed exceptionally well considering that neither of them had taken part in this type of competition before. Overall, Serena ranked 40th and Tanae ranked 15th. Congratulations ladies.

Ms Rebecca Jones, HoD Group 1&3