Australian Mathematics Competition

Each year students at QASMT participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition. This is a rigorous competition that started in Australia in 1978, and now has attracted more than 14 million entries. It is the single largest event on the Australian Education Calendar.

On 6 November the Australian Mathematics Trust Annual Awards was held at the University of Queensland. Three QASMT students were awarded a prize at the Awards evening: Yujie He (year 10), Alex Ho and Alexander Morakhovski (both year 12). This is a tremendous effort as a prize is only awarded to the top 0.03% of students in the state. Well done Yujie, Alex, and Alexander.

On the same evening, Yujie also received an award for excellence in the Australian Informatics Competition. Yujie was the top student in the state for this computer programming based competition. Congratulations to all students for these outstanding achievements.