Café Scientifique

On Tuesday 19 August, the Queensland Academies in partnership with Inspiring Australia and QUT ran a Café Scientifique at the Cube, QUT, to celebrate National Science Week. This was an opportunity for young aspiring scientists from the Queensland Academies and Partnership Schools to pitch their ideas with the community through an interactive cafe.

Students from the Queensland Academies community presented a five minute TED style presentation about their significant science ideas, followed by a Q&A session with influential members of the panel, including the evenings Keynote Speaker, Queensland Chief Scientist, Dr. Geoff Garrett and QASMT Principal, Dr Judy Neilson. QASMT student Clint Therakam presented on astronomy, Jackson Huang on antacids and heartburn treatment,  Krish Krishnakumar on global warming and malaria, with Lucy Davis on the chemistry of artificial sweeteners.

The students represented the school in a very professional manner and are to be congratulated on their achievements.