2021 First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Competition – 6 November


​The FLL 2021 Robotics Competition was a blast!!! 
(by: Isaiah C – Year 7)

The day started with everyone excitedly arriving at school, and going upstairs to our group meeting. We all spent the first one hour planning and revising our speech, as well as doing the final finishing touches to our robots code and design. The teachers helped us set up a replica of the 'game setup' in each group room so that we could make sure the code worked and nothing would go wrong. My group (Vegemight) spent most of our time prepping the code and explaining to the group the location to align the robot. 

Our first activity for the day was our innovation design and ideas. We all went into a room where we stood in front of three super kind judges who made us feel welcome and encouraged us to do the very best in both our innovation speech and three games. Next, we had our very first game. We were all very nervous as this was the first time most of us had done this. Our first game score was great, we all were really proud of our work and were able to effectively reflect on areas to improve on, and to do even better in the upcoming round. In the next round, we all used our feedback from the previous round and did our best, however, the code went wrong, and we ended up getting fewer points. The team was slightly discouraged and disappointed, but the teachers gave us the confidence to persevere and keep going and do our best. 

Finally, we went to the third round, and did GREAT!!! We ended up with most of the code working and fully completing the missions with the most points. Next came the awards. Our team chose two of our members using an online spinner (Leonardo and Mythri) to go and represent the team if we got an award. We all watched the screen, passionately waiting for them to announce the winner. Finally, they began and announced the winner for the innovation award, “and the winner for the innovation award is, Vegemight!!!" - our team went and got our awards and celebrated together in our group room. Next, they began announcing which groups would be selected to the Nationals Competition. We all sat down and started the drum roll, they chose around four groups, and then, they said Vegemight! We all jumped out of our seats and celebrated, all the work had been worth it. The day ended and we all said our goodbyes. The day had been great, and we are all ready to win Nationals.

Members of Vegemight FLL group: Leonardo V, Mythri M, Isaiah C, Mariah S, Rain H, Ayush V, Annanya S, Nero B, Yvette J, Veeksha V

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Last reviewed 10 November 2021
Last updated 10 November 2021