​​First Lego League (FLL) Robotics Competition 
6 November 2021

The day started with everyone excitedly arriving at school, and going upstairs to our group meeting. We all spent the first one hour planning and revising our speech, as well as doing the final finishing touches to our robots code and design. The teachers helped us set up a replica of the 'game setup' in each group room so that we could make sure the code worked and nothing would go wrong. My group (Vegemight) spent most of our time prepping the code and explaining to the group the location to align the robot. 

Our first activity for the day was our innovation design and ideas. We all went into a room where we stood in front of three super kind judges who made us feel welcome and encouraged us to do the very best in both our innovation speech and three games. Next, we had our very first game. We were all very nervous as this was the first time most of us had done this. Our first game score was great, we all were really proud of our work and were able to effectively reflect on areas to improve on, and to do even better in the upcoming round. In the next round, we all used our feedback from the previous round and did our best, however, the code went wrong, and we ended up getting fewer points. The team was slightly discouraged and disappointed, but the teachers gave us the confidence to persevere and keep going and do our best. 

Finally, we went to the third round, and did GREAT!!! We ended up with most of the code working and fully completing the missions with the most points. Next came the awards. Our team chose two of our members using an online spinner (Leonardo and Mythri) to go and represent the team if we got an award. We all watched the screen, passionately waiting for them to announce the winner. Finally, they began and announced the winner for the innovation award, “and the winner for the innovation award is, Vegemight!!!" - our team went and got our awards and celebrated together in our group room. Next, they began announcing which groups would be selected to the Nationals Competition. We all sat down and started the drum roll, they chose around four groups, and then, they said Vegemight! We all jumped out of our seats and celebrated, all the work had been worth it. The day ended and we all said our goodbyes. The day had been great, and we are all ready to win Nationals.

Members of Vegemight FLL group: Leonardo, Mythri, Isaiah, Mariah, Rain, Ayush, Annanya, Nero, Yvette and Veeksha.

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Wednesday 15 March 2022
Robotics Project Unity​

With traditional robotics programs at QASMT, students utilise prefabricated parts to develop their own modular systems. My team decided to take this a step further, so we decided to throw something tangy into the goodie bag of programs in robotics.

Project UNITY was our answer!  

We aimed to create a somewhat large mars-rover like robot with the challenge of not using many pre-fabricated parts. Little did we know that this would require lots of time and resources to be devoted to this project. But, in the end it's all worth it. We have gained invaluable experience, and we have had a laugh or two with our mates.

Here's a quick rundown of our current progress in Project UNITY.

•             Developed suspension system

•             Developed parts of our Payload and Electronics Box (PLEB)

•             Developed other parts

So far, we have managed to get together a plan for assembling the whole rover. The suspension system will enable the robot to have a silky-smooth ride. It mainly protects the rover's PLEB from falling over and catching fire, a useful piece of kit.

The Payload and Electronics Box are our current challenge in Project UNITY. We have assembled half a frame created from the finest aluminium extrusions at hand. This system allows us to develop a modular but incredibly strong box. It will sit in the middle of the rover, and will house our electronics and other important components.

In addition, we have developed some optics and differential bars, that we are yet to refine.

If YOU are interested in participating in an independent project feel free to email a robotics ambassador or the Robotics Captain.

Here's to a successful, thrilling, challenging and lesson-filled year at independent projects!

Hugo – Robotics Ambassador ​Robotics Blog - 15 March 2022.png

Monday 21 February 2023
​Robotics is the place to be at QASMT!  Every year, teams come together to innovate, design and program their robots for their competitions. Collaborating together on a project like this is a fantastic way to have fun with your friends after school or even make new ones. At the same time you would be learning STEM skills essential to the next-generation world. Explore the magic of robotics this year in five simple steps:

1. Choose a group

2. Start building

3. Code

4. Compete

5. Have FUN!​​​

Friday 25 February 2023

On Friday 25 February, the four FTC (First Tech Challenge) teams completed their regional competition. Despite Covid-19 pushing everyone to complete the long-awaited event online, instead of in person, the teams kept pushing on. These last three hours were filled with teams completing various tasks, ranging from tightening screws, adding stability, or checking code. Regardless of what was being done, everyone contributed. In fact, many people aided other teams, truly showing the spirit of QASMT.

Nearing the last hour and a half, as the rain outside was becoming dangerous, a time limit was set for 5:00pm and people scurried along quicker, with more and more teams completing their online rounds.

What is wonderful though, is that even through a mass pandemic and raging floods, people persevered.  We wish to congratulate everyone who have put in an abundance of time and effort in this project for the past year. In fact, some outstanding results were achieved! This year has taught FTC students many important STEM skills and values that they shall carry with them. We hope to see these students continuing to put in this much energy into their passions throughout their lives.

Charlie – Robotics Ambassador

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Monday 27 March 2023
Our First Tech Challenge team, called “New Kids on the Bot" collaboratively worked and distributed tasks evenly amongst the group members. With the help of a QA alumni mentor, the team started constructing the double sprocket shafts, the base for the REV robotics drivetrain. The team is currently developing skills such as 3D printing engineering and working collaboratively in order to complete the robot and achieve the final goal of using mechanisms to grab cones and place them on high junctions. The mechanism explored so far is linear slides using Tetrix and we are researching more about Rev and GoBilda mechanisms as well.
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Wednesday 3 May 2023
This week in the robotics program the teams were working on preparing the robots for STRM week. Teams Hydra and Confusion360 were finalising their FTC bots to demonstrate how they work, while the other teams were testing their robots for the drivable activity.

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Meanwhile, the leadership team were working hard on creating the slingshot and battle bots for the STRM week lunchtimes. The coding and the extra extensions to the robots were completed and built for the activities on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Jake, Robotics Ambassador

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