Health and Wellbeing Day and Chappy Week at QASMT

This week we celebrate Chappy Week with a host of exciting and fun activities for our students. The week got off on a chilled start with the ice bucket auction, where some of our staff were auctioned off to raise money for Chappy Week and in return were treated to a bucket of ice tipped over them (yes teachers did actually volunteer!!)

Other chilled activities of a different kind included our Health and Wellbeing Day with relaxing yoga and meditation, making fun and fabulous art from clay, team building activities where students were blindfolded and relied on their peers for guidance, and workshops on health and wellbeing including nutrition and exercise.

At lunch students enjoyed cooking up a batch of the best burgers in town to help fuel those busy minds and bodies.

Thank you Yanina Nunez, our Guidance Officer, for coordinating the Health and Wellbeing Day and also Garth, our Chaplain, for coordinating Chappy week. Thank you to all our staff and students for participating and making the week enjoyable and worthwhile.