DET International Women’s Day Award

Dear QASMT community

I am very excited to announce that our Principal, Kath Kayrooz, was this morning awarded the 2016 DET International Women’s Day Award. Kath received the award for her endless commitment to empowering the status of girls and women, particularly in the field of STEM education.

Kath won this prestigious award from more than 50 nominations received by the Department of Education and Training, from across the state, including school, and central and regional office. Further details of the award have been included below. Please share with our community in celebrating Kath’s exceptional achievement and her promotion of girls and women in STEM education.

DET International Women’s Day Award

The annual Department of Education and Training (DET) International Women’s Day Award will be presented to one departmental staff member who exemplifies a commitment to enhancing achievements and opportunities for women.

The DET International Women’s Day Award aims to:

  • recognise the social, political and economic achievements of women
  • relay the key messages of International Women’s Day to DET staff members
  • foster a culture of celebrating achievements within DET, and
  • promote professional and personal development opportunities by sharing women’s achievements throughout the education community.

Tanya Haggarty, Deputy Principal