Duke of Edinburgh Practice Camp

Over the weekend, 27 Year 10 QASMT students embarked on their first Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey. This is one of four sections that requires completion for their Bronze Award. The main purpose of the Adventurous Journey is to encourage every student to discover a sense of adventure and complete something challenging which they would not be normally be given the opportunity to do. Their adventure included two days of activities in the Numinbah Valley region including walking 10 Kilometres, partially on the Gold Coast Great Walk, and canoeing on the Hinze Dam. The students camped overnight and cooked all their meals on a trangia stove – which was a first for many. Each student had to carry all their own equipment for the walking sections of the journey, adding an extra level of difficulty. All students embraced the whole experience showing resilience, persistence and many of the IB Learner Attributes like risk taking and open-mindedness. It was a great start to their Dukes journey – well done.

Dr Helen White | Biology Teacher