EE Research Day

In October 2017, DP2 QASMT students were fortunate enough to have an EE Research Day at the University of Queensland to further enhance their EE research and studies. A few thoughts from students who attended the EE Research Day can be found below:

“I greatly benefited from using the UQ libraries to help complete my research for my Extended Essay as it gave me the opportunity to broaden my options to use as resources. Websites and online articles are great, but it was nice to look for books in a library with such a large variety!” – Charity Aghahowa, DP2 student

I found the experience at UQ really helpful for my research on my Extended Essay topic. The talk given by David gave us great insight on how to construct a good coherent research essay, telling us tips that he has learned through his experience. I feel the information given in his talk will be beneficial for all of us as we take on our Extended Essays.” – Antonio Onate, DP2 student

Sarasvathi Chetty, Chemistry Teacher