FUEL CEO Series overview

The Fuel CEO series was developed by Tanya Meessmann and sponsored by CQU with the aim to empower and inspire young SEQ women to reshape their understanding of what it is to ‘act like a girl.’ I was lucky enough to be able to represent the women of QA on Sunday alongside Anna Juby in Year 10. The candid and intimate nature fostered by Tanya and her team ensured a culture of solidarity was established early.

 With a plethora of dynamic and successful women presenting their experiences, the diverse group of young leaders in attendance were able to connect personally with excellent role models, who offered unique perspectives on how to embrace failure, take risks and celebrate victories.

 After a brief Q&A with Breeanna Brock, CEO of the Brisbane Lions Women’s Club, who espoused the importance of failure as a part of the growth process, the girls moved to their first workshop, an intimate panel with a CEO. Anna and I first met Linda Ginger, the CEO of Growth Science, an algorithm based start up prediction firm. Linda was friendly and knowledgeable, but most importantly she was genuine and gave the girls some meaningful insight into the path to business and personal success. Linda’s workshop on risk was hands on, challenging and focussed on encouraging us to reflect on our motivations, perceptions and attitudes. She also brought some very valuable business knowledge to the group, collaborating with them to assist in developing their understanding of how risk works when it comes to making investment decisions.

After lunch, the girls moved into workshops with other CEOs, designed to activate their collaborative, leadership and lateral thinking skills. Overall, the Fuel team challenged the group to define success on their own terms – just like a girl!

Isobel Harris,  English and Psychology Teacher