Garden Bed Renovation

QASMT students are taking on the challenge of revamping the herb garden behind MSP for use by the school community. Ewan Beach, Madhu Annathurai, Dominic Shearer, Chanuli Gunasekera, Sydney Hung, Ramit Grover, Lara Jabur, Colin Jed Benemile, Mariam Ahmed, Kairi Byrom, Skye Baldock, Srivarshini Venugopal and Lorna Gan have taken on the bulk of the project planning including preparing a budget and grant application to help pay for the upgrade. Ewan Beach describes the project as a way to “…reform an underused school asset through encouraging composting, positive agricultural growth and environmental awareness. We will also provide the school community with the opportunity to benefit from herb and vegetable donations as well as a new area to relax and socialise.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be an SMT project without a hint of technological innovation. Students Alex Chung and Edwin Schuler have been supporting the project by creating a 3D rendering of the garden bed using Blender to allow the project planning team to evaluate their proposed garden design and materials.

View the 3D Garden bed renovation here