Get Ready for Chappy Week!

In week 6 QASMT will be celebrating Chappy Week. It is an important and exciting opportunity for students to celebrate and support the work of the school chaplain, Garth Calder, by joining in fun activities that will increase donations for the school’s chaplaincy system.

There will be 3 events across the week that students will be able to get behind:

 Sideshow Alley on Tuesday lunch. 

With a very special ice bucketing auction

 Health and Wellbeing Day Lunch on Wednesday

All students will be able to buy/order a special burger with profits going to chaplaincy

 Free Pancake Breakfast on a mystery day…

Before you ask. No. I will not tell you the day. But it will be before first lessons. and it will be free!

Click on the following link to donate to this worthy cause