Lions Youth of the Year Quest

This year, for the first time, QASMT had five students enter The Lions Youth of the Year Quest which is a community project designed to encourage, foster and develop leadership and other citizenship qualities. The students were Gregor Evans and Han Tang from year 12 and from year 11, Kaavya Jha, Marie Olivier and Eeleen Tey.

The students submitted an application, had a 20 minute interview covering their application and current events, answered two, two minute impromptu questions “Does social media enhance or impede the development of social relationships?” and “ Should organ donation be automatic unless you instruct otherwise or should it remain voluntary?” and presented a five minute prepared speech. The topics for the speeches were wide and varied.

Gregor spoke of resilience with “The Only Way is Up”, Han encouraged the audience to overcome fears in “What are you waiting for?”, Kaavya gave a very passionate speech about dowries in “ The Secret behind the Sparkle” , Marie informed the audience about “Drones” and Eeleen put forward some thought provoking ideas in her speech “ Let’s Talk about School”.

The students displayed the true IB learner profile – they were Knowledgeable, Communicators, Risk-takers and Principled. Congratulations to Gregor, Han, Kaavya, Marie and Eeleen.