Lunch with Scientists at Translational Research Institute (TRI)

On 17 August, a group of Year 10 Biology and Chemistry students had the opportunity to have lunch with scientists at the Translational Research Institute (TRI).

After a delicious lunch, we were separated into groups of three where we then had five minutes to talk with each of the ten scientists at the event. We were given an insight into the smorgasbord of choices a career based in science has. We were able to understand in-depth the particular areas each scientist focuses on and also ask any questions we had for them regarding science, their field of study, life as a scientist etc. All the scientists were extremely different in their research yet all still very interesting; ranging from statisticians who answer biological questions, to researchers focusing on cytokine and even genetic counsellors and science communicators.

The day ended with a short tour of the facilities at TRI. We mainly experienced the research laboratories and got to know how scientists would normally conduct research. One of the biggest highlights of the day was looking at HeLa cells, the oldest and most commonly used human cells for research, through a microscope. We were able to see the stages of cell mitosis which was very interesting. It was something I have personally never seen!

Overall, I believe the day was very successful. We were able to diversify and broaden our knowledge on careers in science, and experience first-hand the pleasure and excitement science can bring.
Jason Kaluarachchi, Year 10 student