Neha Ramesh Attends The Voice Queensland Grand Final

Congratulations to Neha Ramesh who qualified for and competed in the 2017 Grand Final for the UN Youth Voice Queensland!

Unlike any other public speaking competition, UN Youth Voice asks contestants to present their innovative solutions to some of the world’s most prominent and pressing issues. The competition encourages initiative and sustainability, rewarding substance in speeches as well as speaking manner and structure.

Students are invited to select the issue about which they are most passionate from four provided topics. The aim is to suggest tangible and achievable solutions to the complications surrounding their given topic. This is presented through a prepared speech, with a judges’ “Question Time” component.

Neha pitched her topic, the implementation of STEM in schools across Australia, to a panel of judges at the Grand Final on Sunday 5 November in the Premiers’ Hall at Parliament House, Brisbane. Neha performed outstandingly and was acknowledged by the judges as possessing ‘one of the best manners’ from a student in the Senior Division. Well-done Neha!