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Clint Therakam

QASMT 2014 Graduate Clint TheraClint Terakam in space shipkam recently graduated from UQ with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Clint has received an offer of full time employment working for UNSW Canberra Space at the Australian National Concurrent Design Facility (ANCDF) where he spent time working on a space mission project during his degree. Well done, Clint - we look forward to hearing more from you in this important research area. What a star!

To read more about Clint’s work at ANCDF you can read the following two articles:



Clint Therakam, is keeping very busy in his new job at UNSW Canberra Space @ the Australian Concurrent Design Facility. Clint is making headlines in his new career as a Thermal Engineer.

Clint spoke at a live Ockham's Razor event on May 3 for the ABC under the topic "How to design your own satellite". You can listen to the podcast here:…/satellite-build-your-own-…/12197978
He also featured in the Royal Australian Air force magazine for his work in the space industry and thermal software design. See page 58 and 59:…

Plus the UNSW have made a video on his work:…/unswcanberra_software-engineers-…


Serena Chern

I am currently studying Medicine at Griffith University and am in my first year of B. Medical Science. My interests include taekwondo, volleyball, music and travelling. In my free time, I enjoy viewing the performing arts, strategizing with social enterprises and listening to the stories of those from all walks of life. At the moment, I am excited to work with a research group investigating the potential of natural products to target bacteria in Tuberculosis as well as another research team exploring the effect of omega 6 on foetal development.

QASMT has prepared me very well for the world Leaders Program and enlightened by the QUT outside of school. My time at QASMT helped shape me as a person, be an independent Da Vinci Service Captain. I am extremely grateful for my incredibly supportive teachers, the caring community and the team spirit of my peers. The IB has been a very challenging experience for me but what I love about the IB is that we all work together to succeed.

The CAS program at QASMT has helped me become a better rounded individual. I was especially inspired to meet Nobel Laureate Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, empowered by the Trinity College Young World Leaders Program and enlightened by the QUT STEM Internship. I really enjoyed my time as a Da Vinci Captain and I strive to continue to contribute to the community at university and beyond. Currently, I am acting secretary for the ENACTUS at Griffith University, where we create sustainable social enterprises.

During 2020, I am excited to continue tutoring at QASMT. I am also honoured to be invited to attend the United Nations Peace Summit for Emerging Leaders 2020.

I aspire to enjoy a balanced lifestyle and help to achieve human rights, and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Lynn Zhou
photo.jpgLynn is one of our 2019 Graduates and has accepted a place at New York University at their Abu Dhabi Campus! Lynn plans to major in computer science with a minor in Mathematics. Lynn will commence in 2020 mid year and is looking forward to this great adventure. More from Lynn in the future...


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