QASMT and QAHS Ski Trip 2014

Early on Sunday 10 August, 15 QASMT students and two teachers began their journey to the snow. We were met by our new friends from QAHS at the Melbourne airport before our five hour bus trip to Falls Creek, Victoria. Students and teachers alike were delighted to be greeted by the gentle falling snow and the warm lodge! Lessons began at 8.30am each morning, though for some of us the challenge began with making our way upright to the lifts.  The lessons gave us the confidence and skills we needed to face the challenge of skiing down the mountain. On the first day, our experienced skiers were keen to challenge themselves with trails such as “Ruined Castle” and “The Summit”, others were content to dominate the equally challenging “Wombat’s Ramble”.

The table was abuzz the first night with stories of trails explored, skills developed, but mostly, falls experienced. As each day progressed our risk takers’ confidence improved and they pushed themselves further outside of their comfort zones with wonderful results. It was fantastic to see our seasoned skiers sharing their knowledge with the novices, and to see the impressive development in proficiency over such a short period of time. All of our students were wonderfully caring and supportive of each other, making it a fun and enjoyable trip for all. Our week ended with a day in Melbourne where students played, ate and shopped to their hearts’ content. Finally, at the end of a long week, students were welcomed home by their families, keen to enjoy a good sleep in their own beds. It was a fantastic trip, made successful by the open-mindedness of the students and their willingness to take a risk.