On Wednesday 24 May, a small group of students from the Model United Nations Club attended the Australian ASEAN Youth Summit.

This forum gave us, and many other Brisbane students, the opportunity to discuss current issues facing South-East Asian countries today. The forum focused on trade agreements, refugee programs and climate change. Each school was given a country to represent and QASMT was given Cambodia. As such, our team worked hard researching so that we could accurately represent our country. The day began with an introduction from each delegation, outlining the stance of each country on trade, refugees and climate change. After asking questions and chatting with other delegates, we split up into committees to discuss the three issues. In each committee session, we created, discussed and debated five operative clauses for the forum’s resolution. At the end of the day, we all returned to discuss the resolution.

After some heated debate, each country gave its vote on each clause and the entire resolution. By the end, we had successfully created and voted on a completed resolution, modelling the deliberation process in ASEAN. The day was a blast. We got to come up with creative solutions to some pressing problems all while making new friends and creating memories. The forum helped develop our debating, leadership and presentation skills and was an all-round excellent experience. Any student wanting to participate in this experience next year should join the Model United Nations Club to find out more details.

Joshua Gilligan, Year 11 student