QASMT Harmony Day

QASMT celebrated Harmony Day last Friday the 20th of April. Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity, promoting inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Harmony Day is an event QASMT students look forward to every year. It not only showcases the cultures at the Academy but also allows everyone to learn about and appreciate our diversity. Students wear traditional dress representing their ancestry and many cook dishes which allow others to taste the variety of flavours that can be found around the world. Some also choose to carry their flag during the QASMT flag parade, while others decide to perform at the renowned Harmony Day ceremony. This year, Harmony Day at QASMT was graced by several performances from staff and students, such as the traditional Lion Dance, Thai Piano, Aussie boys Choir and The Sheilas. The performances were followed by a multicultural feast at lunch where everybody enjoyed tasting the flavours of countries all around the world. It was a fun day had by all!