QASMT OzCLO 2019 outstanding results

Congratulations to the following students for completing and succeeding in the first round of the OzCLO (The Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad).

 2019 competition. OzCLO is a contest for high school students. It challenges them to develop their own strategies for solving problems in fascinating real languages. Participants work in teams of four on a range of language analysis problems. The competition is held at the school with teams submitting their answers through an online form.

We wish all students the best of luck in the national round.

Level Band Team member 1 Team member 2 Team member 3 Team member 4
Senior Gold Evelyn Dekker Charlotte Birkinshaw Eloise Johnson Ziang Jia
Senior Silver Miranda Yau Tristan Burgess Maria Babu Anisha Mujib
Senior Silver Maryam Mansour Amogh Durgam Amy Elkomos Liam Revell
Senior Bronze Shishir Khanal Ramit Grover Daniel Zhao Sourish Agarwal