QASMT receives herb garden reconstruction and composting implementation grant

Yesterday a small delegation from QASMT’s herb garden reconstruction committee, overall consisting of more than a dozen Year 11 and 12 students, visited Michael Berkman, Member for Maiwar, to receive a MaiWarriors grant of $415 in order to create a school herb garden and composting system. Since late August 2018, the committee has prepared for this grant which provides funding to school-age students for conducting environmentally focussed, school-based projects. This is the first time that QASMT has applied for the grant and we are appreciative of the successful turnout. The application was accepted in December and yesterday Ewan Beach, Sydney Hung, Madhu Annathurai and Dominic Shearer (pictured) visited Michael Berkman in the Maiwar Electorate Office to be presented with the grant money. When asked about his rationale for creating the Maiwarriors Grant Program, Michael Berkman said that Maiwarriors provides students with an opportunity for “thinking outside the box…a way to think about how students use few resources to create a difference”. Through this project we hope to reduce waste and create a mechanism for supplying low-impact fresh produce for various school activities.

SMT student herb garden reconstruction committee.