SPARQ-ed (Students Performing Advanced Research Queensland) is a unique educational facility established as a collaboration between The University of Queensland’s Diamantina Institute (UQDI) and Queensland’s Department of Education and Training (DET) staffed by QASMT teachers. SPARQ-ed aims to promote excellence and innovation in biological and biomedical education by delivering world class specialist programs to Queensland school students and their teachers.

Program Offered

Senior Research Immersion Program offered for 3-7 April 2017

Purifying hSSB1 the Guardian of your Genome QUT Derek Richard –

The immersion is a week-long intensive program, available to students in Year 11. The program will work with Associate Professor Derek Richards and his research team on a project related to the effect of hSSB1 mutations on the repair process of DNA damage.

It is possible to achieve a Bonus Rank for UQ entry on completion of a 2000 word research report

The program is held at the SPARQ-ed laboratory at the Translation Research Institute at Woolloongabba. The program has been developed by the SPARQ-ed Coordinator, the SPARQ-ed teacher, experienced research scientists, experienced science teachers in conjunction with the research community at TRI. The immersion will provide students with the opportunity to carry out authentic scientific investigations in a real research laboratory.

For further information for the 3-7 April Immersion, costs and how to book go to our website: or email