QASMT Student Ambassadors for 2016 World Science Festival

On 15 July, Mehroz, Amina and I attended the first student ambassador meeting for the 2016 World Science Festival (WSF), held at the Queensland Museum. The WSF is an annual event aimed to cultivate a general public that is informed about, inspired by and engaged in science. The festival will be taking place in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time in March 2016, and will be hosted by the Queensland Museum, Brisbane. It was previously only held in New York City, where it attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors and notable guests such as Stephen Hawking and James Watson!

Mehroz, Amina and I were all privileged to accept positions on the 2016 WSF student ambassador team, and to be involved in the planning and operation of this event. As Science Ambassadors for QASMT, we jumped at the chance to help promote an enthusiasm for science amongst the Brisbane community – particularly amongst students. Our first meeting with the other student ambassadors from around Brisbane was certainly successful; it was so great to meet other students who shared our interest in the sciences. We all left full of ideas and anticipation to continue the exciting process of building next year’s World Science Festival!

Isabella Juria, Year 11 QASMT Science Ambassador