QASMT Students Meet a Nobel Laureate

Raina Naik, Aiah Al-Saig and Serena Chern had the privilege of meeting molecular biologist and Nobel Laureate, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn AC, on September 25 at a UQ event held at Customs House. Professor Elizabeth Blackburn is the first female, and 11th Australian, Nobel Laureate; awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine for her work in discovering telomeres in DNA and the enzyme telomerase.

The theme of the evening was “Gender equity and diversity issues in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine disciplines.” Professor Blackburn had a meet and greet session with a group of high-achieving senior science girl students, which was followed by dinner, a keynote address and  panel discussion with a number of prominent Australian researchers. It was a wonderful and inspiring evening, with the dining room full of predominantly female scientists and researchers.

Cheryl Pearce, Group 4 HOD Science