QASMT Year 7s travel to Brisbane City Hall as part of World Science Festival

On Wednesday 20th March, 20 Year 7 QASMT students travelled to Brisbane City Hall for the Future Brisbane Challenge as part of World Science Festival Brisbane. Student teams were tasked with creating a vision for an initiative that could be implemented in the Year 2100 to ensure that Brisbane is a leading sustainable city. In order to achieve this, students had to work collaboratively to develop their design fiction and make a model of their invention. Teams then had to make a two minute video pitching their idea.

Our students represented QASMT with enthusiasm and creativity. Congratulations to Esha’al Cader, Kelvin Chan, Sophia Clark, Mary Do, Victor Fan, Olivia Madan, Olivia Maddison, Riley Murnane, Leanna Nguyen, Maha Poursarparast, Saanvi Putchakayala, Dylan Ram, Sana Shah, Aadi Shetty, Brindha Sivakumar, Mati Ella Sparksman, Aiden Teimoori, Bela Varsani, Eason Wong, Anshika Yadav for their outstanding efforts.

By the way… we think our Year 7 students look adorable in their new red blazers!