QUT Vice-Chancellor’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Camp

Three QASMT students, Terra Sudarmana, Patrick Tan and Jessie Tong, were fortunate enough to be selected to attend the QUT Vice-Chancellor’s STEM Camp on the 29th of September to the 3rd of October. The camp gave students a taste of the STEM disciplines by engaging in a hands-on, intensive exploration of a project in their chosen discipline and was fully funded by QUT.

This is what students Terra Sudarmana and Jessie Tong had to say about their experiences:
‘I was fortunate to take part in the QUT VC STEM camp where I was assigned the Project ‘Big Picture: Spatial Data Visualisation.’ We started the week with an orientation day where we were broken up into smaller groups for ice breaker games and a STEM based quiz. By the second day we were given a tour around the Kelvin Grove campus and took part in group activities within the IBHI building; working with human stimulations in paramedic and hospital scenarios. We then spent the rest of the week working with our project group. My group focused on using Geographical Information System (GIS) a computerized data management system used to capture, store, manage, analyse, and display spatial information. We as a group used this tool to find suitable areas to establish schools in Brisbane, taking into account factors such as main roads, current school locations, student population densities, and representing it on a map of Brisbane. We then presented our final product, a map representing all the factors taken into account and showing the most suitable locations for a school, to a panel of academics and students. Overall, STEM Camp was a rewarding and fun experience that has left me with a greater understanding of what a career in STEM means and ultimately life-long friends that share the same interests as me. I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part in such a program and definitely recommend it to the coming grade 11’s who are exploring options or have a real interest in STEM based subjects.’ Terra Sudarmana

‘In the holidays, I had the opportunity to attend the QUT Vice-Chancellor’s STEM Camp. This was a five day camp for students interested in developing their interests and skills in Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Technology. There were ten exciting research projects offered by QUT and over the course of five days, I investigated the process of creating biofuels for a more sustainable future. During the camp, we also received tours of the university campuses and learned more about life as a university student. Being able to interact with industry leaders and academics helped me get a better idea of my future career pathways and the many opportunities offered by STEM. One of the highlights of the camp was meeting students from all around Queensland who share a similar interest in STEM subjects. The QUT academics encouraged us to think about possible solutions to some major problems faced by people and the environment. I think this camp was a challenging yet very rewarding experience which I recommend to all students who want to pursue a STEM career.’ Jessie Tong