RACI Titration Competition 2017

The RACI Titration Competition has been held in Brisbane annually since 1980 to encourage students who enjoy Chemistry – especially practical Chemistry. Working in teams of three, each student performs an acid-base titration exercise, where a NaOH solution is standardised against a standard solution of HCl. An “unknown” acetic acid solution is then titrated with the standardized NaOH solution. Judging is on the basis of the values the team members report for the acetic acid concentrations.

Our team of 12 keen titrators – Suraj Nijjar, Tanya Satelitto, Ahmed Badat, Eric Lang, Jasmine Chan, Josiah Cheng, Mahina Shaw-McHenry, Maggie Wang, Raina Naik, Shambhavi Mishra, Sharon Lam and Sherin Thomas – participated in the 2017 RACI Titration Competition on Saturday 13 May.

I would like to thank and commend the students who so ably represented QASMT on the day. Even though we did not place a team in the next round, there were some excellent individual results within our teams – identifying the supplied unknown to within 0.0001M of the UQ determined competition value.

Thank you all for the time you invested.

David Pearce, QASMT Science Teacher