Robocup Junior Open Rescue Maze Australian National Champions

We are very proud of our robotics team, who travelled to Melbourne this past weekend for the Robocup Junior Australian National competition and won! The students displayed outstanding teamwork and were commended for their excellent demeanour, throughout the competition. The team, A.M.A. the Australian Medical Ambulance, worked tirelessly to design and develop their robot to meet the rigorous requirements for the Open Maze Rescue competition. The robot autonomously detected disaster victims by their heat signature and dropped care packages, whilst negotiating a disaster zone (the maze) and many obstacles. The team are shown below from left to right: Utkarsh Sharma, Alec Lyttle, Daniel O’Neill, Jayden Lyttle and Erin Drinkwell.

The team also brought home Robogals medals for having a female team member in a leading role. We are very excited for the World Championships in this competition, next year in Sydney.

Thanks to Mrs Reader, Mrs Brookes and Ms Bebbington for supporting the team this year.