Robotics Fun and Success

Robotics has had an exciting Term here at QASMT. Two teams formed at the start of the Term and entered the regional First Tech Challenge Scrimmage at Grace Lutheran College, here in Brisbane, on Saturday 4th November.

Both teams have worked with determination, in their free time, to build working robots that are capable of performing several tasks including moving objects, lifting blocks and balancing on a moving platform. We are extremely proud of the way the teams have worked collaboratively and consistently over an extended period of time this Term.

It was an exciting day with many challenges, including making alliances between the teams and being judged on teamwork.

We are very proud to announce that our two teams placed 1st and 3rd on the day. Hastings Deering QASMT 1 came in third place and Team Entangled won the first place trophy. Both teams will therefore be going on to compete in the national competition in Sydney at Macquarie University from the 8th to the 10th December, and we wish them great success and an enjoyable experience.

Also this Term, the Engineering and Technology Ambassadors have run their first project together, bringing robotics to the masses with the ‘Robotics Lunch Hour’ Activities over two lunch breaks. Over the course of 4 weeks, the ambassadors designed, built and pre-programmed 5 robots to use in the lunch-time event.

Through this activity, students were able to experience robotics in a simple and fun way, allowing them to develop their interest in robotics and gain more insight into the range of Engineering and Technology activities offered here at QASMT. There was a real buzz of excitement which was great to see. In the second lunchtime, there was a competition where students competed in teams to program the fastest and most accurate robot, the winners being Edward Lim and Kyle Fordham, who received 3D printed trophies.

Look forward to more news and exciting projects from both the Engineering and Technology ambassadors in 2018.

Helen Bebbington, Maths and Physics Teacher