Sport and Co-curricular programs

The QASMT Sports and Co-curricular programs have commenced this term. In excess of 200 students have joined the Wednesday and Friday afternoon programs, participating in a variety of activities and sports. It’s been wonderful to see so many students playing sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Touch, Badminton and Fencing. The school has become a hive of activity on Friday afternoons with our students engaging in Music Ensembles, Debating, Duke of Edinburgh, Charity work, Chinese Lion Dancing, Robotics, Art Shed and Gym sessions.

The programs have been highly successful with helping our Year 10s transition into Academy life. It has also given many of our students the opportunity to engage across year levels and build relationships throughout the school. Sign up for a new round of activities and sport will be coming up soon, I hope to see even more students learning new skills and having fun next term.

Troy McMahon, Sports Coordinator