STAQ Science Contest Award Recipients

QASMT was strongly represented at the 2017 Science Teachers Association of Queensland 64th Science Contest Awards at UQ on Saturday October 28.  The awards were presented by Scope’s Dr Rob Bell and members of the UQ scientific community. This year, the STAQ Science Contest received over four hundred entries from students all over Queensland.

QASMT award winners:

Scientific Investigations

Third Place: Paarangat Pushkarna

Highly Commended: Youmin Chen

Mathematical Investigations

First Place: Thomas Wu

Second Place: Harrison Cusack

Third Place: Lina Shen

Highly Commended: Youmin Chen

Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers Bursary

Shashwat Mishra

Communicating Science

Second Place: Jaemin Sim, Carol Soans and Fahim Sultanbawa

 2017 National Mathematics Talent Quest

First Place: Min Hoo

Each year students from our school are encouraged to enter these awards in Science and Mathematics. Completed IAs and EEs make excellent entries. For more information on the awards and entering next year please contact Mrs Pearce, Mr Hams or Dr Hogg.

Cheryl Pearce, Group 4 HOD Science