STEM Tour of Europe September 2016

Bon Voyage to some of our Year 10 and Year 11 students who have headed off to Europe as part of the first QASMT STEM Tour of Europe. Students are accompanied by our Principal, Ms Kath Kayrooz, Deputy Principal, Ms Tanya Haggarty, Head of Pedagogy, Ms Kerry Bullock and Brilliant Futures Coordinator and Head of Group 1 and 3, Ms Stephanie Berlage.

The STEM Study Tour 2016 will give students an opportunity to experience the life, culture and languages of Europe first hand.  For all students it will be an amazing experience, and one which they will never forget.

Students explore and experience hands-on incredible historical and cutting-edge science in this multi-country tour.  This 14-day tour begins in England, the seat of maritime science.  From here students travel to Montpellier then Geneva, the home of the world-class CERN science lab, for a guided tour including the famous Hadron Collider .  Finally our tour finishes in Paris, the city of lights.

Students will take part in an intercultural communication program through Homestay accommodation, participate in historical and natural sight-seeing, and plan and execute their own expeditions as part of the CAS program. The students will be challenged, and will be immersed in several different cultures.

The adventures and challenges, and the friendships formed while on the trip will make for a memorable lifetime experience.

This tour will inspire science students to explore a number of different directions through experiencing applied sciences, and exploring various scientific aspects in different countries.  They will increase their knowledge of how different science fields intertwine and understand international cooperation in science.