Tanae Roe and Meghaj Babu attend Engaging Students with the World Youth Forum Series

This year, the Asia Education Foundation in partnership with the Queensland Department of Education delivered a series of student programs designed to build the capabilities of young Australians to engage with the world across all spheres of learning.

Working in partnership with local business, industry, government and community experts, these Go Global programs provided students with the opportunity to:

  • understand the importance of global competencies and Asia capabilities;
  • explore future pathways for their higher education and career;
  • deepen their understanding of local, regional and global issues and consider their role in taking action in the community; and
  • explore¬†opportunities available to young Australians, including scholarships, involvement with youth organisations and government initiatives such as the New Colombo Plan.

Australian delegates, Tanae Roe and Meghaj Babu from QASMT, shared their thoughts on why they think it is important for countries to communicate on global issues.