The Semi-formal

The Year 11 Semi-formal was perhaps the most anticipated event of the semester, with a Facebook group reportedly being created for the purpose of discussing what to wear. With well over a hundred students attending, the Semi-formal featured a DJ, finger-food and even a professional photo shoot. The first actual term of Year 11 was busy with many students, having to juggle two IA’s whilst simultaneously completing homework, along with CAS and TOK. Thus the Semi-formal acted as a welcome break.

This year the Semi-formal was hosted at the top floor of the Rydges Hotel, its large windows commanding the best view in Southbank, overlooking the city. The selected theme for the Semi-formal was cocktail, and the participants had dressed appropriately. Sparkling dresses and smart suits flooded into the large rectangular room as soft drinks and finger food were served. Specifically, this time the students also had the opportunity to each write something nice about another person. Upon entering, students were randomly handed a piece of paper with someone’s name on it, and they had to write something nice about that person. To the right was the dance floor where the DJ played music, and to the left the professional photographers. Overall, it was a fantastic night, which everyone enjoyed and will reminisce on for years to come.

Paul Pham, Year 11 student