The Smith Family Student2Student Reading Program Volunteers

This year over 20 students have volunteered as ‘Buddies’ to support The Smith Family Student2Student Reading Program. This program aims to improve students reading levels, which in turn, increases their confidence and their ability to cope with and understand their everyday school work. The Student2Student Reading Program is offered to students (readers) who are in Years 3 to 8 and assessed as reading two to four years behind their actual age. QASMT students have committed to three reading sessions each week for 18 weeks, with great results. A mother said of her child: “The difference in his confidence is amazing – he no longer hides away and even his classroom teacher has noticed a change in how he approaches his school work.  It’s because his Buddy has been so patient and everything… it’s really good.”

Thank you students for your ongoing commitment to service and commendations for making a significant contribution to a student’s life.

Ms Elizabeth Pfingst, Acting HoH – Curie & Da Vinci, Instrumental Music Coordinator, CAS & CCA Coordinator