Two high-achieving QASMT Year 11 students joined other students at the five-day research-intensive Vice-Chancellor’s STEM camp

The QUT STEM camp was a great opportunity for me to meet many like-minded students from all around Queensland and to explore the STEM fields in depth. There were 10 different projects with 16 students in each project. I was part of the Invisibility Cloaks project where I got to use highly advanced technology, software and equipment. My project involved using a silver nanoparticle to identify the wavelength at which silver appears invisible to the naked eye. It was found that silver appears invisible at the red light wavelength. Other than completing the project, the other events organised by QUT included exceptional talks by researchers and leaders in the STEM field, movie night, careers fair, talent show and a showcase breakfast. Overall, the STEM camp was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the STEM field.
Gayathri Nair, Year 11 Student

On the holidays, Gayathri and I had the privilege of attending the QUT VC STEM Camp. I was part of the Mathematics for Imaging and Virtual Reality group where we aimed to create our own virtual reality using Unity. We used 360° cameras to take photos of the Botanic Gardens and added characters and objects to the scene to replicate our own virtual reality. Throughout my time at the camp, I also learnt about the utilisation of matrices in the manipulation of images (via filters) which for me personally, was something that really shocked me. I found the experience very enlightening, in the sense that it has given me an insight not only into university life, but also the important role STEM plays in our everyday lives. It has shown me the plethora of possibilities a career in STEM could bring! I, too, would highly recommend this exceptional experience to anyone who is interested in exploring a future in the STEM field.
Jason Kaluarachchi, Year 11 Student