UQ Experience Science Day for Year 10 students

Last Thursday, Year 10 students attended the UQ Science Experience Day, an event which immersed us in science and the many interesting ways in which it applies to everyday life.

Throughout the day, we had the opportunity to attend hands-on workshops centred around the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Through each workshop, I was able to experience first-hand how science concepts – from polymers to solar cells – can have endless applications and uses, both in the industry and day-to-day living.

In addition, we heard from UQ students who shared what their experience of studying science has been like – from exciting research projects with the Queensland Brain Institute, to studying overseas. They also gave us some very helpful advice on what we could do to be as successful in our tertiary studies as possible.

Another highlight was being able to listen to a professor of physical geography at UQ. He shared the interesting research he has conducted in geography and climatology, in order to study the effects of issues like climate change on the environment. He also gave us a snapshot of some of the amazing places where has been able to conduct research, such as Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef. His talk gave me a deeper appreciation of the importance of scientific research to understanding and preserving our world, as well providing insight to the exciting opportunities a career in science can provide.

Overall, the day was a fantastic experience. It only heightened my excitement for my own pursuit of a career in science – and all the incredible possibilities this could bring. Isabella Juria, Year 10 QASMT Science Ambassador