UQ Experience Science Day – Year 10

On 16 July, the Year 10 cohort arrived at UQ for the Experience Science day where we participated in many different events. The day began with an insightful lecture with three current university students. We were informed about what life at UQ would be like as well as the science and mathematics courses offered at the university. We then participated in four different activities, each were based around a subject offered at the university.

We were separated into different groups and my group participated in mathematics, physics and chemistry activities. In the physics activity we acted as Occupational Health Safety Officers and we calculated the risks of being a stunt man. We calculated our grip strength which was very interesting as well as the sound risk in explosions. The second activity we attend was chemistry and this was my personal favourite. In this activity we used a chemical and UV light to recreate an image similar to how we develop pictures. The mathematics activity was fascinating as I have never had a deep interest in mathematics and this activity gave me insight into the vast world of mathematics. The day ended with a tour of the campus, and I was educated in the great differences between university and high school. This has broadened my knowledge not only of UQ and its science and mathematics programs but also gave me a preview of life after high school.

Gileen Xie, Year 10 student