World’s Largest Star Party

On Wednesday 23 May, QASMT participated in the World’s Largest Star Party Guinness World Record attempt organized by the Australian National University (ANU) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

The Star Party commenced from 7:00pm for registration and was followed with an astronomy talk and activities in the courtyard.

Participants brought along their own observing device to observe the stars together. The evening was a huge success with many families participating.

Thank you to Dr Kirsten Hogg for coordinating the event and all the staff, students and other members of our community for contributing to its success. You are all stars!


It has now been confirmed that Australia has indeed broken the World Record attempt! The ABC confirmed more than 40,000 people simultaneously observed the moon through telescopes for 10 minutes on Wednesday night, eclipsing the previous record set by the ANU in 2015 of 7,960 people. More information about the event can be found here