Young ICT Explorers’ Competition

On Saturday 9th August, a small group of QASMT students travelled to the University of Queensland to compete in the 2014 Young ICT Explorers’ Competition. We have enjoyed some success in this competition which encourages students of all ages to engage in projects of their own design and related to Information and Communications Technology.

This year we presented two such student-led projects:
1. Project UCRA (User Controlled Robotic Arm) by Alexis Arriagada-Malone and Kendrick Tan (year 11). The arms caused quite a stir and was a very popular projects with the other student competitors.
2. Gig Cove – music gig discovery, a web-application to find music gigs that suit your musical tastes in and around Brisbane by Liam Edwards-Playne (year 12).

We are very pleased to announce that Liam placed second in the senior division and his project enjoyed a good degree of interest amongst the judges and other ICT industry guests. These projects are entirely designed and implemented by the students themselves. Congratulations to Alexis, Kendrick and Liam for their outstanding efforts.