2020 Top Performing Graduates


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ewan Beach

DSC_0665E_adobespark.jfifCongratulations Ewan on a perfect IB score of 45/45! When asked to reflect on his time at QASMT Ewan had this to say…

“I greatly appreciated working and growing in a challenging yet non-competitive high school environment throughout my time in the IB. This meant the only things I needed to try and supersede were my previous grades and my expectations of myself.

This encouraged collaboration inside and outside of the classroom, which opened my learning to more perspectives. A favourite aspect of QASMT life for me was the tight-knit House and InStep structure. In Curie House, I made some of my fondest memories. It served as my looking glass and gateway to becoming a part of a more wholistic school community, where I felt involved in activities beyond just my studies. I really felt that I found much of my confidence as an individual through participation in the many spirit and networking opportunities provided."

Ishika SoniQASMT20_0433_adobespark.jfif

QASMT Young Einstein mentor, and recipient of a perfect 45/45 IB Diploma score, Ishika Soni demonstrated academic excellence, in every respect.

Upon graduating at QASMT, Ishika received the Harvard Book prize, awarded to an outstanding student who displays excellence in scholarship and high character.

Ishika recalled her time at QASMT fondly, particularly enjoying the Europe STEM Tour. “I thoroughly enjoyed travelling and immersing myself in the Spanish culture. My passion for languages and appreciation of different cultures made for an extremely enriching experience."

Ishika described Academy life as being “surrounded by like-minded students and incredibly helpful teachers, who were always happy to provide extra help and feedback." Ishika hopes to be working as a specialist in a hospital after her university studies in medicine.

Rose Zhu

Rose Zhu_adobespark.jfifAchieveing a fantastic IB score of 44/45, Rose was known at QASMT for championing community-mindedness and sustainability. Rose was the Curie Creativity Captain, and a major highlight for her graduate year was organising the Virtual Athletics Carnival, where QASMT community spirit and optimism was abundant, in spite of the learning at home circumstances at the time (due to Covid-19). Furthermore, Rose mentored STEM Girl Power Camp participants, and was a volunteer for Zonta International, Vital Connections and LEOs Club.

A top performing student, achieving straight 7s for all of her IB Diploma subjects, Rose also participated in The Arts, as a vocalist in the QASMT Voci Senior Ensemble.

Evelyn Dekker

Peter Doherty_adobespark.jfif

Achieving an impressive 44/45, Evelyn was admired by her peers and ​teachers alike for many reasons. Evelyn is fluent in four languages, is renowned for her steadfast passion for STEM and animals, and received straight 7s for each of her IB Diploma subjects.

She represented QASMT at the International Student Science Fair (ISSF) in Singapore (2019), and out of 60 presentations, won the Best in Category of Biomedical and Health Science. In addition to being awarded the prestigious Peter Doherty Award for Excellence in STEM Education, she has won a multitude of Mathematics and Science awards during her schooling, too numerous to mention.

Evelyn will be remembered as an enthusiastic and inspirational leader as QASMT's Science Ambassador for her final three years at QASMT, a role in which she thrived.

Tanvi Parulekar

UQ-S&E-3_adobespark.jfifTanvi achieved an amazing score, with an impressive IB score of 44/45!

As QASMT's Engineering Ambassador (2019-20), Tanvi organised and participated in the annual Technology Engineering Maths (TEM) Week and was instrumental in building a Raspberry-Pi supercluster, a potential learning tool to process large amounts of data and create simulations for different subjects.

Above and beyond her numerous academic accolades, Tanvi has additional reasons to be proud - she is an outstanding Violinist (currently studying AMusA, and has performed at QPAC), has a first-degree Black Belt in ITF Taekwon-Do and is an accomplished senior South-Indian classical dancer!

Arya Thakur​


2020 graduate Arya, also accomplished an outstanding IB score of 44/45!

Arya is clearly passionate about Science and Business, as is evidenced by the nature of her long list of QASMT activities - the QUT Blueshift Business Case Study Competition, the SPARQ-ed Research Immersion, the UQ Enhanced Studies Program and the First Lego League (FLL) Market Day stalls (as the Managing Director).

As well as being an accomplished violinist and valued member of QASMT's orchestra and strings ensembles, Arya is acknowledged for generously volunteering her time to the Peer-Tutoring Program, Zonta Club, Trivia Organisation and Leos Club.

James Noonan

QASMT20_0131_adobespark.jfifTechnology Ambassador James Noonan, is to be congratulated for achieving a 44/45 IB score!

James supported the Virtual Reality (VR) program at QASMT and described the experience as a highlight of his high school experience. “Seeing the headsets being used to improve the teaching of English, Spanish and coding was incredible."

During his QASMT experience, James was involved in the Google Code-In contest. With his passion for computer science, he found the opportunity a once in a lifetime chance to showcase his skills and development. James' career aspiration is to “study computer science. I've enjoyed working in web development, however there are lots of exciting jobs in other fields as well."​​​

Jaewon Lee​


Jaewon is another incredible 2020 QASMT graduate, who received an IB score of 44/45! 

Jaewon represented QASMT as the Newton Creativity Captain, and described her high school journey as being full of wonderful memories. “One of the most memorable experiences was preparing for the QASMT Valentine's Day event with the rest of the Academy Representative Council members. I was able to recognise the importance of communication and teamwork through this event."

As an accomplished violinist and pianist, Jaewon performed at the QASMT Arts Showcase, Winter Concert, Harmony Day assemblies and the Queensland Youth Music Awards.

Combining her passion for studying the IB Group 4 subjects (Physical and Life Sciences), and enjoying communicating and working with others, underlies Jaewon's desire to study medicine at university.​

Last reviewed 08 June 2022
Last updated 08 June 2022