Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)


EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) is curriculum based teaching and learning activities that go beyond the walls of the classroom. We believe that the more students are involved with the learning process and with making decisions about their learning, the greater the learning outcome. EOTC acts as a vehicle for learning across curricular areas and subjects and these experiences can often form powerful aspects of a student's identity. The development of social skills, problem solving and self-reliance are core components of these experiences.

Challenging outdoor activities and environmental studies, among many others, are particularly powerful learning opportunities. They contribute to a range of important societal targets across education, health, anti-social behaviour and community cohesion and are a valuable component of a rounded and rich educational experience. Students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of these enrichment activities throughout their time at QASMT, some of which are compulsory and some of which are optional.

At QASMT the compulsory EOTC includes, but is not limited to activities such as Athletics Carnival, Cross Country and Walkathon, Harmony Day and year level camps and conferences. The compulsory camp and conference program targets the specific needs of each of our year levels and prepares and supports students for particular points in time in their academic journey.

The focus of our current program is outlined below:

Year 7 - Relationship Building- Working Collaboratively to take risks and achieve goals

Our Year 7 camp focusses heavily on the building of new relationships in an exciting environment. Activities are built around positive psychology, entrepreneurship and innovation to create challenges that will engage students in working together to solve problems.

Year 8 – Service and how Positive Purpose makes you feel

The Year 8's will endeavour to really look outside themselves and understanding what it is to be altruistic. Service to others begins with an information letter and pack they write to the incoming Year 7 and then moves on to being involved in service and the importance of that, to leading and creating a service project.

Year 9 – The Journey – Preparing for what is ahead – Setting Goals and taking on Challenges

Our Year 9 Camp focuses on the journey that has been, reflecting on the MYP course they have completed how they have grown and overcome challenges and change. Moving to, setting goals and tackling new challenges with a Positive Purpose as they enter the preparation course for the IB Diploma.

Year 10 - Relationship Building- Knowing and Working with Others to Flourish

Our Year 10 camp focuses on the development of student relationships. Our students come to us from a variety of different schools. While we run a successful Engagement Program, students tend to socialise with those in their classes and do not get the opportunity to meet others in their cohort. The camp program allows students to work with other students broadening their friendships.

Year 11 - Leadership through Positive Purpose

The Year 11 Leadership Retreat Program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate and develop their skills in team building, leadership and independence. Students are given the opportunity to learn about leadership and demonstrate their capacity prior to applying for student leadership positions in the Academy. It is also a time for students to strengthen relationships and to set the platform for the rest of the year and beyond.

Year 12 - Mindset Development for Positive Accomplishment

This Year 12 Conference forms an essential part of students' time at QASMT and prepares them for International Baccalaureate examinations. It will gives student the opportunity to develop skills in teamwork, understanding the value of your peers and support networks as you embark on this challenging time. It is also a time for student celebration as they hold their final assembly together.

Last reviewed 21 August 2020
Last updated 21 August 2020