Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)


​​​​​​​​​​EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) is curriculum based teaching and learning activities that go beyond the walls of the classroom. We believe that the more students are involved with the learning process and with making decisions about their learning, the greater the learning outcome. EOTC acts as a vehicle for learning across curricular areas and subjects and these experiences can often form powerful aspects of a student's identity. The development of social skills, problem solving and self-reliance are core components of these experiences.

Challenging outdoor activities and environmental studies, among many others, are particularly powerful learning opportunities. They contribute to a range of important societal targets across education, health, anti-social behaviour and community cohesion and are a valuable component of a rounded and rich educational experience. Students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of these enrichment activities throughout their time at QASMT, some of which are compulsory and some of which are optional.

At QASMT the mandated EOTC opportunities include, but are not limited to, activities such as Athletics Carnival, Cross Country and Walkathon, Harmony Week and year level camps and conferences. The mandated camp and conference program targets the specific needs of each year level, which prepares and supports students for particular junctures in their academic journey.


The focus of our current program is based on our Positive Education Curriculum and is outlined below.

Year 7 – Building Positive Relationships

Positive relationships is a key domain of our Positive Education Program and is an important focus for students starting their journey at QASMT. To help facilitate connections and establish positive relationships across the cohort, the Year 7 camp usually occurs within the first five weeks of the first term. Students are provided with a fun and challenging environment to build new friendships, develop important skills and make lifelong memories. 

Year 9 – The Journey – Preparing for what is ahead – Setting goals and taking on challenges

The Year 9 camp focuses on the journey that has been, reflecting on the MYP that has been completed, and how students have grown and overcome challenges and change. Activities focus on setting goals and tackling new challenges with a Positive Purpose as they enter the preparation course for the IB Diploma.

Year 11 – Leadership through Positive Purpose
Students in Year 11 attend the Leadership Retreat Program. This program has been designed to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate and develop their skills in team building, leadership and independence. Students learn about leadership and are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their capability prior to applying for student leadership positions within the Academy. It is also a time for students to strengthen peer relationships and to set the platform for the rest of the year and beyond.

Year 12 – Mindset Development for Positive Accomplishment
The Year 12 Conference forms an essential part of students’ time in their final year at QASMT. The conference prepares students for their IB Diploma examinations. In addition, it provides students with the opportunity to further develop skills in teamwork, and understand the value of their peers and support networks to prepare them for the challenges they may face in their final year and following graduation. Importantly, it is also a time for student celebration of Positive Accomplishment and to assemble together to celebrate their time at the Academy.
Last reviewed 04 May 2023
Last updated 04 May 2023