Principal Blog - Week 4, Term 2


​​This has been an exciting and very busy week for students, parents, and staff with a host of events that have engaged, inspired, and fostered a strong sense of community.From academic endeavours to special celebrations, the school was buzzing.​​

Kicking off the week on a prestigious note was the QUT Principal Reception. QUT hosted a fantastic program including a panel discussion with Faculty Executive Deans, exploring new initiatives, industry developments and how QUT is preparing students for their future careers. On Tuesday afternoon we hosted our first face to face Year Level Parent Reps meeting. The meeting began with a warm welcome to all attendees. Our DPs introduced themselves and expressed gratitude for the parents' presence. We presented a comprehensive overview of the proposed parent engagement framework. The presentation highlighted the importance of parental involvement in student success and outlined key elements of the framework, such as effective communication, collaboration, and shared decision-making. We discussed some specific topic relating to parent engagement, such as communication channels, volunteer opportunities, or parental involvement in school activities. Participants shared their perspectives, ideas, and concerns on the given topic. Based on the discussions, the group collectively identified priorities and goals for the parent engagement framework and have been tasked with providing input into the draft document. Next steps and future parent engagement activities were briefly highlighted to maintain the momentum and keep parents informed.​

Lunch time Tuesday was a highlight for me, a time to change the pace and get my hands dirty. A lovely group of mums and I potted a large number of plants to be sold at the annual Mother's Day stall. It was fantastic getting to chat with these enthusiastic mums and build a real connection. I would like to thank all our volunteers who assisted with making, donating and selling gifts for the Mother's Day stall. The Mother's Day stall is a heart warming initiative which offers students the chance to express their love and appreciation for their mothers or mother figures. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the unconditional love and sacrifices made by mothers and a cherished opportunity for students to show their gratitude. I would like to wish all our mums a very happy Mother's Day and I hope you all are spoilt this weekend. All funds raised are being donated to 'Share the Dignity' campaign, a nationwide initiative aimed at supporting women in need.

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Another significant event on the school calendar was the Parent-Teacher Interviews, held on Wednesday. These meetings provide an invaluable platform for open communication between parents and teachers. Parents had the opportunity to discuss their child's progress, strengths, and areas for improvement, while teachers offered insights and guidance based on their classroom observations and assessments. This collaborative approach fosters a supportive environment that enhances student learning and development, strengthening the vital partnership between home and school.

Imagination and creativity took over the courtyard on Thursday as students and teachers gathered for the annual Book Week Parade. This highly anticipated event encourages students and staff to bring their favourite book characters to life. From beloved superheroes to literary icons, the school was transformed into a colourful and vibrant world of imagination. The parade not only celebrates the joy of reading but also nurtures a love for literature and storytelling among students, fostering a lifelong appreciation for books. Thank you to Anika and Sana for your amazing organisation and the support of the Language and Literature Faculty. Thank you also for your kind words:

Dear Senior Leadership Team,

On behalf of Sana and myself, thank you so much for donating your time to judge the costumes in the Costume Parade. The event was an overall success, and it couldn't have been done without your support, and we are extremely grateful for your help. Your presence raised the profile of the event, and definitely encouraged all the students to come watch the spectacular costumes of the many students and teachers who participated and helped make the event so successful and enjoyable for all of us. And thank you for organising the whole leadership team and office staff to be in those very creatively coordinated Weir-Do costumes! We appreciate your sense of fun and care for all the students at our school very much, and hope you enjoyed the event just as much as we, and the rest of the Academy, did! 

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A special shout out to all our staff who dressed up for the parade – I'm still trying to find Wally!!!!


On Thursday evening I attended another Principal reception hosted by Bond University. The Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Tim Brailsford, hosted the evening providing a networking opportunity for Principals in their new Brisbane Centre. The evening featured Usman Khawaja, Pakistani-born Australian and Queensland cricketer and current Bond student, on his personal journey and how sport crosses boundaries to bring people together. It was a very inspirational evening. 

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Lastly, I am pleased to advise that our school will soon be able to receive a Dignity Vending Machine as part of the share the Dignity in Queensland Schools partnership with the Queensland Government. At this stage, they anticipate that the Vending Machine will be installed from July 2023 onwards. 

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Last reviewed 12 May 2023
Last updated 12 May 2023